Debbie.G. (Los Angeles, CA)

“This is a really GREAT find for acupuncture!! I came here 7 months ago, limping from a bone spur on the back of my heel and had a swollen bunion with a crossed-over toe.  I came for weekly treatments, and really appreciated the compassionate care that I received from Dr. Kevin Choe.  He analyzed my body-type and helped me to choose a better diet so that I could lose weight & take off the pressure on my foot. I am happy to say that I’ve lost over 40 pounds, I can take walks again, and my toe has begun to uncross too.  I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t go for surgery!!! I still come for treatments! it’s a wonderful healing clinic. Check it out for sure.”

Cristina.R. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I’ve never been a person for needles but the first time I went to get acupuncture and herbal medicine with Dr. Choe and Dr. Hahn I was overwhelmed on how they show you they care for your well being. They explained every thing in detail and how the treatment is going to benefit you in the long run. I’m extremely thank full for the patience they had and how professional they were with me. I have already recommend friends and family to get treatment at the clinic, Thank you again Dr. Choe and Dr. Hahn.”

Kate.  K.  (La Crescenta-Montrose, CA)

“This place is great! They did my daughter’s body type and they told me about her personality, her weak point, strong characteristics, her heath concerns, and many more … it was amazing.  The consultation helped me to understand my daughter more and gave me some ideas of how I can help her for her future.  She is only 6 years old and this kind of information will help me to support her for what she can become and what suits best for her in later life.  It was a great experience and I am going to do the consultation for my  other 2 children. I can’t wait to find out about them. Thank you”

Samuel. M. (Hollywood, CA)

“One of the best acupuncturist in Los Angeles. They are both kind and caring to the patients. Recommend to everybody.”

Sarah. L.(Beverly Hills, CA)

"This is the best Accupuncture establishment I have ever been to. They always accommodate me and everyone in there from the lady that assists to the doctors are so knowledgeable about everything and genuinely concerned for your well being. I went in there with severe back pain, in one acupuncture session, the pain had subsided tremendously and they gave me such great insight into other parts of my body that needed healing, from my circulation to large intestine. Every 10 mins they ask you how your are feeling and if you’re okay. I know they genuinely want me to get better because they even provided me with a free three day tea to assist with pain and cleansing. And for someone who doesn’t have health insurance, the prices are more than affordable. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, I trust them 100% and I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you!