Initial Consultation and Treatment

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Linda offer individualized treatment for pain management, weight loss, health management, woman's health, and more.

Doctors at 10body type Acupuncture Clinic are knowledgeable and well experienced physicians. For the past 25 years, our doctors have cared for a total of 40,000 patients.

Pain & Rehabilitation | 10body type Acupuncture Clinic specializes in pain and rehabilitation. Here are common conditions this clinic has treated with acupuncture:

-Joint, muscle, tendon pain | -Pain at lower back, neck, shoulder, knee, foot | -Stress related pain, Tension pain | -Headache, Migraine | -Pain at nerve, Paralysis numbness, Sciatica | -Pain from personal injury, auto accident, slip and fall accident, work related injury

Health Management

Health Management focuses on preventative healthcare. Preventing illnesses before they can take a deeper root is actually possible and is shown to be effective through Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. According to the body type philosophy, each body type has its strengths and weaknesses within organ functioning. Preventative treatment and medicine will strengthen health and block off potential illnesses.

Weight Management

The Weight Management Program is a customized dieting plan, where our patients don’t have to suffer from hunger or harmful side effects to lose weight. For a lasting effect, our clinic customizes a weight loss schedule fitting according to one’s body type and blood type. Specific diets, stretching exercises, treatment options and herbal supplements will be discussed with each patient. This customized program can help reach your determined weight goal. In just 2 weeks, clients start to see great results.

Specific Conditions Treated

Contact Us for a list of common conditions treated at 10 body type Acupuncture Clinic. For any questions or appointments, call us at (213) 675-0111