Dr. Kevin K. Choe, L.Ac, Ph.D

Dr. Kevin K. Choe has 20 + years of experience treating patients with Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, along with Chiropractic Medicine. Dr. Kevin is also an educator of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine in the U.S. and in Korea.

Clinic Director at California Trinity University, School of Oriental Medicine (2007-2012) | American Liberty University: Ph.D (2006) | South Baylo University: M.S | Cleveland Chiropractic College: D.C. (1991)


Dr. Linda Yoon Hahn, L.Ac, Ph.D

Dr. Linda Yoon Hahn, L.Ac, Ph.D Dr. Linda Y. Hahn has 12+ years of practicing Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine. Dr. Linda is also a clinic director of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine.

Educator of Oriental Medicine at California Trinity University (2007-2012) | Yuin University: Ph.D (2001) | Samra University: M.S | California State University of Northridge: B.A. (1994)