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The combination of Yin & Yang and
the 5 Elements 
(Wood,FireEarthMetal, Water)
gives us the 10 body types. Body types describe the functions and characteristics of our bodies & of our living environment. These 10 body types relate to various organs and tissues, seasons, colors, emotion, taste, voice, along with certain foods and herbs.

Our goal at 10 body type Acupuncture Clinic is to have your body type
(Your body elements + Yin and Yang) in balance and in harmony



Yin & Yang Characteristics  

Yang Sun, Day, Light, Warm, Active, Masculine, South, Summer, Left, Odd.
Yin Moon, Night, Dark, Cool, Rest, Feminine, North, Winter, Right, Even. 

The ideal condition of the body is to have all the five elements to be in balance and in harmony. These elements are interrelated and is able to influence one another. By understanding and correcting your imbalanced elements, you can find ways to ensure harmony to your health.


  • One or more of these elements are naturally dominant or rececessive in a person’s body constitution. Each person is unique so every treatment plan is individualized according to his or her body type. For every case, the treatments are prescribed according to type of illness, severity of condition, duration of sickness, as well as the physical state of the patient at time of diagnosis. As characteristics and personalities are based on your distinctive body types, understanding your body type is the key to health and success in relationships.

The Main Correspondences of the 5 elements

Movement Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Color Green Red Yellow White Black
Shape Rectangular Triangle Square Round Curve
Material Branches, Leaves, Bark, Roots, Resin, Timber, Twigs Heat, Light, Lava, Lightning, Ash, Tar, Cinders Clay, Rock, Soil, Sand, Mud, Crystal, Coal Gold, Silver, Steel, Iron, Platinum, Titanium, Bronze Brine, Ice, Moisture, Storms, Rain, Stream, Liquid
Direction East South Center West North
Phase New Yang Full Yang Yin/Yang balance New Yin Full Yin
Energy Generative Expansive Stabilizing Contracting Conserving
Season Spring Summer Change of seasons Autumn Winter
Climate Windy Hot Damp Dry Cold
Development Sprouting Blooming Ripening Withering Dormant
Livestock Sheep Chicken Cattle Dog Pig
Fruit Plum Apricot Jujube Peach Chestnut
Grain Wheat Beans Rice Hemp Millet
Mental Quality Sensitivity Creativity Clarity Intuition Spontaneity
Emotion Anger Happiness Love Grief, sadness Fear, scare
Yin organs Liver Heart Spleen/Pancreas Lung Kidney
Yang organs Gall bladder Small Intestine Stomach Large Intestine Urinary bladder
Sensory Eyes Tongue Mouth Nose Ears
Body Part Tendons Pulse, vessels Muscle Skin Bones
Body Fluid Tears Sweat Saliva Mucus Urine
Finger Index Middle Thumb Ring Little
Sense Sight Speech Taste Smell Hearing
Taste Sour Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty
Smell Rancid Scorched Fragrant Rotten Putrid
Sound Shouting  Laughing Singing Crying Groaning